Why Black German Shepherds Are The Best

If you are a dog lover, you probably have heard or seen a German Shepherd Dog (GSD). It is among the most recognized dog breeds in the world. There are several types of GSD with different body colors, including solid black. Those with the solid black color are the Black German Shepherds. They have variations that distinguish them from the standard German Shepherd Dog.

The Black GSD exhibits a traditional breed appearance that I like. Having had these dogs for quite some time, I have noticed that Black German Shepherds are larger and have a straighter back compared to the standard GSD. Their coat appears skirting, flowing or feathering depending on the length of the coat.

The gene that causes the black coat of the black GSD can be recessive or dominant. This means that a GSD that is not all black can sire solid black puppies. It is therefore important to inquire about the ancestry of your Black German Shepherd Dog before breeding it. You can determine the coat of this dog at as early as eight weeks old.

The personality of this GSD is  interesting since it isn’t usually aggressive. I noticed that some of them take some time to bond with strangers but after a while, they become kind.  They are easy-going and approachable when with the family.

Every German Shepherd Dog needs early social life. With this, he will familiarize with different people, smell, experiences, places, and sounds. The black GSD will also learn how to react to certain situations. It is recommended that you walk your dog through your neighborhood to help him meet and know other dogs.

If you have kids, you do not need to worry about having the dog around them since he is extremely kind to children. Allow your Black GSD to bond with the children. With time, he will become a playmate, best friend, protector and babysitter to you children. Additionally, black German Shepherd Dogs properly get along with other pets in a home.

Raising a healthy Black GSD puppy is easy. First, you need to take him to the veterinarian to get a check-up and necessary vaccination or treatment. You also need to offer him a healthy diet by giving him food that has healthy, natural ingredients. I recommend that you provide him with dry food to help him exercise his gums. Groom your black German Shepherd Dog by cutting his nails, cleaning his ears and teeth, and giving him a regular bath.

Black German Shepherds are commonly affected by Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. The symptoms of this condition include stiffness in the hind legs or hips and limping. The disease is usually hereditary and difficult to prevent. However, you should contact a veterinarian to help in the treatment of your dog.

Black German Shepherd dogs should be brought up in a healthy environment that suits their needs. You should provide them with clean water and food bowls, chew toys and a comfortable bed. I hope you have fallen in love with the Black GSD after reading this, and maybe it is time you got one if you haven’t yet.